About The Eastgate Hymnal


Most of us within the church own a Bible. We bring it to church on Sundays, study it’s meanings during the week, meditate on it’s implications during our quiet times, and seek God’s will through it’s message. But did you know that up until the last 40 to 50 years there was ANOTHER book that was often used as a companion piece to the Bible and the Christian walk? Most of us have very little (if any) experience with hymnals in their original book form as we have progressed technologically from individual books in the backs of pews to simple overhead projectors to the practicality of digital projectors, animated backgrounds, and computer software.

Kancional_JistebnickyThese changes were inevitable and probably necessary, but we might want to ask, “Are we missing out on something now that the hymnal has become all but obsolete in the modern-day American church?” Those of us who do remember hymnals probably picture looking in front of us and seeing them in the pew-back in front of us next to a donated Bible. But for a long time, most families and individuals would actually have a hymnal in their home to serve as another way of communicating with and learning about Jesus. These would not only have lyrics to the songs of their particular congregation, but they would also contain short descriptions of the meanings of the songs, author history, and even some musical instruction (tempo, chord charts, etc).

This website is simply Eastgate’s attempt at bringing this vital tool into the modern-day world. As we update this site, you will be able to find the individual songs we do during the Sunday services. Use it as a companion in your daily devotions, as a way to better understand a song you have heard on Sunday, or to lift up your heart in worship to our Hero King knowing that you may be joining others in your Eastgate family in praise to our Savior.


Each blog post will be dedicated to a specific song we do during the different services at Eastgate.

To find the audio for a song, simply click on the tile of the song that is in quotes; this will open a new tab with a Youtube video that contains the audio for the song. For example:

“Let It Be”

To find out more about the author, simply click the artist’s name and a new tab will open with a bio either from their website or Wikipedia. For example:

Paul McCartney

To find the chords for the song, go to the bottom of the page and you will see a link that lets you download the music sheet. For example:

To download the chord chart: Let It Be – C.

If you would like to support the artist and purchase an MP3 version of the song so that you can have the song on your computer, click the blue hyperlinked “here”. For example:

To purchase the song, go here.

For more Eastgate info:


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4 thoughts on “About The Eastgate Hymnal

  1. Ah yes, I remember the Hymnals well. They are still in may churches throughout the South at least, while drop down screens are being put up in the “Sanctuary”. DJ

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